In September 2016, I was sat in my garden office, in a leafy Home Counties suburb, dreaming about how I’d love to move to the country, set up a glamp site and have a more chilled out way of life….water passed under the bridge of life….but by September 2018, after a number of disappointing viewings, I stumbled across ‘Ford Farm’ in the mid Devon Countryside. So, how did glamping at Twin Oaks start…

Angus & I drove down a potholed track, past broken fencing toward a small ramshackle stable block.  What would we find as the estate agent greeted us?

We walked into a small ‘farm yard’, adorned with weeds, two old barns and a sad looking cottage, with its render falling off the walls.  The view to our left struck us – an over grown pond and huge trees beyond – later we would discover this was Eggesford Forest. The home of the Forestry Commission and planted in the early 1900’s.

The estate agent guided us down a bramble ridden overgrown track, toward an old pig sty and dis-used orchard.  With our excitement mounting, we entered the mixed woodland, walking past the River Taw adjoining the land.  By the time we’d heading round to the farthest filed, with two magnificent oak trees in the center, we were sold.  We could clearly see the vision unfolding in this neglected, but wonderfully unique Farm.

That is how our story started; and together Angus & I have created ‘Twin Oaks Glamping’.  We have cleared overgrown ditches to allow them to flow again, coppiced trees to allow them to grow again, planted new tress, put up bird & insect boxes to attract a variety of species; and encourage nature wherever we can.  We would love to share our evolving landscape; and love of Devon with you, glamping at Twin Oaks.

Your hosts; Angus & Jen